Every Wednesday night, at 7:30 p.m., kids in grades 1 – 6 attend ShowTime Live. It’s just over an hour of fun and games that help solidify the Word of God in their every day lives. Teams compete in a friendly atmosphere where each child is encouraged to do their best and no un-sportsman-like conduct is allowed. Games, stories and more games is what we use in ShowTime Live to teach and reinforce that evening’s Biblical truth. Your kids will love the gameshow-type atmosphere with all the bells and whistles!

The main focus of the ShowTime Live program is to teach Godly character traits from the Word of God and to enable the kids to demonstrate those traits in their lives at home, at school and wherever they go. Some of the characteristics include the fruit of the spirit (love, joy, peace, etc.) found in Galatians 5, and others such as obedience, diligence, truthfulness, wisdom, gratitude and more. These are important lessons for children to learn at an early age, so they grow up as shining examples of the character of God. Each lesson has one simple point that brings out the importance and the practicality of the Word of God. It’s never boring or obsolete! ShowTime Live will give your child the knowledge that will enable him to live a life knowing right from wrong and how to act accordingly