The Tiny Tots Department at IFC ministers to babies and toddlers from birth through age two. It is staffed by dedicated men and women who have a love in their hearts for each child and a desire to minister to their needs.

Because the Word of God assures us that these little ones are gifts from God and can receive His love and anointing, our ministry in the Tiny Tots goes beyond meeting just their physical needs. We are committed to ministering to the whole child – spiritually, emotionally and physically.
Our teaching focuses on simple Bible truths that can be presented to the children in a way they can understand. We read to them from a picture Bible and related stories from simple books. We sing songs that focus on the daily Bible truth and present activities that reinforce the day’s Bible teaching. Snacks, toys, and a safe environment are offered, and plenty of God’s unconditional love!

The Tiny Tots ministry is available for all regular and special services except Monday Night Prayer Service.