Miracle & Healing Testimonies

Below you will find testimonies of real life, actual miracles experienced by
people just like you.

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“Since my childhood, I suffered from motion sickness and vertigo that prevented me from enjoying any type of travel. I would be happy for the opportunity to go on a trip, but would dread the trip to the destination and would be off balance the whole time, only to have to face the dreaded trip back home. I tried over the counter and prescription medication to help with these symptoms, but would get little to no relief.

In my early 20’s, I had a long bout of vertigo for several consecutive weeks and the neurologist I was in care of suggested that I have a series of tests at Emory Hospital to try to find a resolution to the problem. Nothing was found to be out of order, but I still had the vertigo. Eventually, the symptoms went away and I carefully went back to my daily life.

In my 30’s, I still suffered with motion sickness and random bouts of vertigo and tried to avoid any sudden movement to avoid onset of the symptoms. I have a co-worker that suffers from the same symptoms, and in the past we would compare stories and whine and complain about it together. I guess we thought it made us feel better for a short time to feel like someone else could relate to our misery.

My, my how things changed for my husband and me when we started attending Impact Family Church. In a short time, we began learning all (as opposed to just some) of the wonderful things we have in Jesus how to apply the Word of God to our lives for whatever we need. Although we are still learning, we are growing, which is exactly what we were in search of.

We had our annual trip to visit my in-laws in Upstate New York planned for July and several months before that I began to speak out loud that I didn’t have motion sickness or vertigo anymore. Whenever my co-worker that shared the same symptoms brought it up, I would say no, I don’t have that anymore. It took her a few weeks to catch onto what I was saying and one day she said “Wait, did you say you don’t get that anymore? How did you manage that? What did you do?” I told her that I prayed and believed what God’s Word said about me and that I was healed.

One Sunday night before the trip to New York, Pastor ministered healing by waving his hand over each section of the congregation and I was ready to receive my healing that night, so when he got to our section, I said “Yes Jesus, I receive it!” and I just knew in my spirit that I had received what I had confessed and asked for and by His stripes, I was healed!

Normally, I board planes with an attitude of dismay and just hold on and hope it’s over soon. But I did not have one slight bit of motion sickness or vertigo on the flight to Atlanta where we would connect to New York, and the Lord spoke to me and said my faith had made me whole. I just sat there with tears streaming down my face from being overwhelmed with gratitude. We boarded our connecting flight in Atlanta and I was still emotional from the gratitude that I have for my healing. I was even able to use moving walkways in the airport. Normally, I stay far away from those because just the sight of them would make me feel off balance.

While in New York, we took a shuttle bus to a museum and I got on there with no fear of having to make sure I was in a seat that was facing forward. We sat in the first seats available and they were facing the other side of the bus, so we were technically riding sideways and I got off the bus feeling perfectly normal and was able to enjoy the museum. We also took a boat tour of one of the Finger Lakes and I boarded the boat like a champion in The Lord!

I have never enjoyed boat rides on any size boat. This particular boat was one that would be used for a dinner cruise and had a second level. My husband didn’t skip a beat or bother asking me if I was okay with going to the second level of the boat, and I didn’t say a word, just marched myself right up there and was able to enjoy the tour and took a panoramic video of the lake!

These things may not sound like a big deal to most people, but they are a huge deal to me. We also rented a car while we were there and it had a pretty powerful engine and let’s just say my husband really enjoyed driving that car. I didn’t hesitate looking up directions or phone numbers on my phone while he was enjoying driving that car either. Glory to God! I had no reason to be fearful of the flights home and I arrived at home feeling perfectly normal and for the first time, I had been able to enjoy traveling.

I want to add that I have received healing in the past for things such as fatigue, colds, sore throats, digestive issues, things that I view as short term, but not for anything that I have suffered from long term such as the motion sickness and vertigo. I am, however, equally grateful for healing in both categories.

God is so good! There are no limits or boundaries for what God has in store and the Pastors at Impact make sure everyone knows what is available to them. What a blessing!”

– M. C.
Gainesville, FL


“In high school I was athletic — an avid soccer player and into water sports, especially water skiing.  I was an accomplished barefoot and slalom skier and could ski a competition course.  But in May 1998, at age 36, the quality of life I had previously known came to an abrupt end.  While participating in the water sports I loved, I felt my lower back literally explode.  The pain was incredible.

After visiting the neurosurgeon and going through MRIs, the diagnosis was clear.  I had ruptured two discs in my lower back.  L4-5 was classified as a large rupture and L3-4 was small.  Due to the size of my herniated disc, the neurosurgeon advised the only source for any improvement was to have back surgery.  I refused to accept this and acquired two additional opinions.  All advised the same thing, but with the understanding that there was no guarantee of improvement, and if any scar tissue developed it could get worse!

What did this mean for me?  Pain, constant pain.  I was on Hydrocodone, but it did not give any relief so I stopped taking it.  I would take large quantities of ibuprofen just to get through my workday.  I had to completely avoid stairs as it was virtually impossible for me to lift my left leg.

When I got home, I would try to throw the Frisbee with my sons and then spend the next 3 hours flat on my back trying to get some relief.  At bedtime it was a struggle to sleep, and in the morning I would get up an hour before anyone else because it took me 45 minutes to work through the process of standing upright.

I have been a Christian since I was a child and for most of my adult life I have attended Full Gospel churches.  In the midst of my struggle, I realized that the churches I had attended had only preached faith – they never actually taught how to apply it.  In fact, I couldn’t find any of my Christian friends or leaders who could give me any real encouragement that God would heal me.  Sadly, I realized I had ruined my life, and to me, God was my only hope.

In the fall of 1999, we started attending Impact Family Church after relocating to the area.  For the first time, I heard a pastor actually teach you how to apply the Word of God in your life.  I had found a church that taught you how to live and enjoy a victorious full Gospel life!

Not long after we started attending, our pastor had an altar call and asked for anyone who needed healing to come forward.  I made the trip to the altar as quickly as I could and when the pastor laid hands on me an amazing thing happened – nothing!  I wasn’t discouraged though.  I had been receiving excellent teaching from the Bible and I knew God’s healing power had flowed into me and that His power was at work in my body.

In February 2000, 21 months since my accident, I had another life-changing experience.  I woke up on a Saturday morning completely pain free!  I will never forget the look on my wife’s face as I freely walked into the kitchen and she asked, “What happened to you?”  I told her that God healed me!  The amazing thing is that my back is stronger today than it was when I was younger.  Just a few weeks ago, at age 49, I was helping a co-worker unload heavy boxes in our shipping department.  I was doing things I wasn’t able to do in my 20s, and afterwards –- no ibuprofen, no pain!  God is awesome!

To this day, whenever I am facing a test or trial, I will often look at the bottom step of the platform in our sanctuary. Though it’s only seven inches high, I remember when that was a serious mountain in my life – one that seemed impossible for me to overcome. I recall how God worked a miracle in me and I realize that if he can do that then he can perform any other miracle I might need — financial or otherwise. I just look at that bottom step and remember when that was my step of faith and God healed me.

– W.G.
High Springs, FL 



“I am 20 years old, and I was living with terrible hip pain.  If I sat for too long and then went to get up my hip would lock and give me horrible pain.  I found it was the same when I would stand for too long and it was starting to limit the things that I could do.

It all started years before when I went to the doctor for having pain that started in my leg and trailed up my back.  They did x-rays and different tests and found that I had a tumor on my leg that was hitting a nerve.  I had surgery to have it removed and everything seemed better.  A couple of years later this new pain in my hip began to bother me.  I went back to the doctor and was told the leg that was operated on did not grow while the other one had, so it was putting more pressure on the one leg.  As the days, months and years went by this pain began to get worse and worse.

Finally I came to the realization that I did not have to live with this irritating pain.  Why it took so long for me to realize this I am not sure, I guess I just got used to living with it.  But I serve a God that is a healing God!  I was in a Sunday night service, which happened to be a miracle night.  I decided I was going to get my healing.  I went up, hands were laid on me in prayer and I received my healing – the pain was gone.

The very next Wednesday, I got up and gave my testimony about how I was instantly healed.  When I was done, Pastor asked me to sit in a chair on the front row and to put my legs straight out in front of me.  You could see the difference in the length of my legs.  Pastor and Pastor Angela again laid hands on me.  I had my eyes closed and I felt this warm sensation come over my leg.  When I opened my eyes to see what it was, my leg was the exact same length as the other!  I went to the doctor and had them measure my legs and praise God they were proven to be the same length.  I thought God had done enough by just getting rid of my pain, but God had more for me.  I serve a God of more than enough!”

Ft White, FL 



“I had been experiencing symptoms of pain and discomfort in my abdomen over a prolonged period of time.  At times the pain would be quite sharp.  During a Sunday morning service, immediately after praise and worship, Pastor said that the Lord wanted to heal someone who was having a problem with their stomach and abdominal area.  He asked that if someone has been having pain or problems in that area to please come forward and “God was going to heal them”.

Just that morning, I had discussed the abdominal problem I was having with my wife, who is a registered nurse.  She examined me and said that there was definitely something there that wasn’t right and that I needed to make an appointment with my doctor.  So when Pastor asked whoever it was to come forward, I responded.  He prayed for me, laid hands on me and God healed me.

It has been more than a year since that service and I haven’t experienced any problems or pain and discomfort.  I have been to my doctor for my annual physical and I had him specifically examine my abdominal area.  He didn’t find anything out of order.  I thank God for His goodness and mercy.”

– S.G.
Ft White, FL 


“When I was seven months pregnant the doctor told us that our daughter had a serious heart defect. They said she had a big hole in her heart that would most likely require surgery, possibly at birth.

When she was born, they monitored her in the hospital for eight days and sent her home, but she had to be kept on medication so her heart and liver would function properly. We then realized we needed a miracle for our daughter.

Being young in the Word and not fully understanding faith, we continued going to church learning more about faith and God’s miracle working power. Month after month of cardiology appointments with no change, we continued to stand in faith over our daughter’s situation. We took her to the doctor at eight months old and there was no change. They said that if her heart was strong enough when she turned one she would be able to have the surgery to repair the hole.

At her 10-month checkup, as they were doing the ultrasound on her heart, the doctor starting making surprised expressions and said to us, “This is amazing. The hole is almost closed.” They took her off her medicine and was scheduled to come back only for yearly routine checkups!

Praise the Lord for a miracle working God! Our daughter has not had any heart trouble since and has been off her medication for over a year and a half.

– L.S.
Newberry, FL 


At the age of 24, I ended up in the hospital for four days with severe back pain. The tests the neurosurgeon ran determined I had a herniated disc and a couple of bulging discs.

Over the course of the next several years my back would go out on me to the point where it would hurt to stand, sit or even lie down. I had two more scans and the last one revealed 2 herniated discs and 3 bulging discs. The sciatica I was experiencing was starting to cause some nerve damage in my left large toe. The doctor said that if it got much worse, then he would need to do surgery to relieve the pressure on the nerves.

I had been attending Impact Family Church for a few years and had been learning about standing in faith for my healing, speaking the Word over my situation and believing that I was healed. After I learned that I had begun to show signs of nerve damage, I realized things were not getting better. I began to actively speak to my symptoms and thank God I was healed.

One Wednesday, about one month after the last doctor’s appointment, I had my back go out on me again. I had to go home from work and crawl in to bed to relieve the pressure. I’m so thankful I learned at church to not be moved by my circumstance. I kept thanking God I was healed.

That evening as I lay there, I heard these words in my heart – “Rise and stand up”. I knew there was an urgency to doing it, so I tried to move as quickly as I could and I did my best to “hop” out of bed. When I did all the pain in my back immediately left and I had no pain down either leg. I started running around the house thanking God for my healing! Praise God! It’s been over 21 years and I’ve had no back problems or sciatica since.”

– K.C.
High Springs, FL

In 2007 I started having trouble with fatigue and weight loss. I went from 205 lbs down to 178 lbs. In 2008, I was diagnosed with a hyper thyroid. It had accelerated to the highest form called Graves Disease. The doctor advised me to have radiation on my thyroid to kill the disease and my thyroid. Only two out of six ever are healed.

I decided to put God’s Word in action along with the prescribed medication the doctor wanted me to try. Every day for the next year I confessed my healing and spoke what The Bible said concerning my health. (Isaiah 53, Mark 11:23, John 15:16)

Every six weeks I would have blood work done and a doctor’s visit to monitor the progress of my healing. My doctor was amazed at the rapid change in my blood cells, and after the first visit cut my medication in half. The next visit, he cut the dosage in half again and the next appointment, he cut the medication in half again. Within one year my doctor had decided there was no need to take any medication as my thyroid and blood count was totally normal.

Praise God I was totally healed from a disease that could have left me taking medication my entire life. In March of 2010 the symptoms that I had before tried to reoccur in my body, but I stood on the Word of God. I have the victory, the devil is defeated and by Jesus’ stripes I am healed.

Update – The symptoms came back again and I went through the same treatment again. It went into remission. Six months later, it happened again. At this point, the doctor wanted me to take the medication and do radiation because with the symptoms in my body for over six years, it would take radiation to kill the disease and thyroid. I knew God had healed me and I was at no point willing to give in to what looked like medication for life.

Then God showed me where I was missing it. I was believing I was one of the six that the hyper thyroid would just leave my body, instead of believing the Word of God and what Jesus did for me on The Cross concerning my healing. During my last trip to the doctor in October of 2012 I was cleared of any thyroid condition. The doctor was amazed that my thyroid was healed, normal and no radiation was needed. God’s Word is true and never changes.

– High Springs, FL

“For the last seven years I had some things going on in my body.  All the doctors I went to in South Florida and here could not figure it out.  Tracing it back, the beginning of all this was August of 2003.  I started forgetting things.  I would be two roads away from my house and had to stop because I was lost.  It was a good thing my boys were usually with me.  I have no real memories from November 2003 to the summer of 2005.  The only things I know about this time is what my family told me.  My dad was diagnosed with cancer and died, I have no memory of it.  I was functioning, even running a doctor’s office, but had no idea what I was doing.  I couldn’t take the confusion anymore, so I called my doctor.  She said I had a complete mental breakdown and put me on three kinds of anti-depressants.  They did not help, so I stopped taking them.  She also told me I had extremely high cholesterol and type 2 diabetes.  There was no explanation for either.

I never really got better, just better at coping.  For about three years I learned to cover the confusion and the sadness.  Then I couldn’t deal with all that was going on in my head and started trying to figure out how to do away with it myself.  After another doctor said the same thing as the first, it was decided I should go to Gainesville and with the variety of doctors available maybe they would finally find the solution.

November 18, 2009, I attended Impact Family Church for the first time.  In April, I was still having problems and mentioned something to a church member.  She recommended I go see her doctor.  I went to and in two minutes the doctor not only knew the problem but how to help.  She diagnosed me with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome.  The problems I had been experiencing – high cholesterol, type 2 diabetes with neuropathy, weight gain, excessive facial hair, altered mental capabilities, plus some other things – are all symptoms of the P.O.S.

A few months later, our church had planned a women’s retreat for all the ladies.  My son thought I should go, so he paid for me to attend.  I do not like crowds and wasn’t sure what to expect, but since I knew a lot of the women, I didn’t stay frustrated with him for long.  I’m so glad I went.  The services were fantastic and I wasn’t forced to do anything, just encouraged.  During the last service of the retreat, one of the women spoke a tongues and interpretation and it really ministered to my heart.  Then, our wonderful pastor gave an invitation for at least two women who had been having a problem with their mind and it had been there for a long time to come forward.  I knew one had to be me, but I was reluctant to go because I do not like to be in front of people.  That night I knew I had to go.  It was time to let go of this.  When she touched my head I felt peace for the first time in seven years.  I didn’t realize until I wrote this that it had been seven years since the first life-altering symptoms appeared.

When I got home that night the first thing my son said to me was “mom you got healed.”  I still wasn’t sure, but I knew something was different.  Over the next week I noticed things were not the same. I ate a cookie and did not get dizzy.  The numbness in my feet weren’t bothering me.  There was a charity bake sale at work and after eating a cupcake, the sugar didn’t bother me.  I realized my son was right when at a wedding I wore heels and was able to keep them on all evening.  I had not been able to do this because of the neuropathy caused by the diabetes.  The funny thing is, I went forward for prayer for my mind and got so much more.  God healed me of it all and I am so thankful.

– K.O.
High Springs, FL 



“When I was born my ears were under-developed and they did not drain right. At three years old, I received my first set of tubes in my ears to try and open them up, but they did not work and my body rejected them. I have since had two other sets of tubes placed in my ears and the doctor said that I would need tubes in my ears for the rest of my life. I didn’t believe or want that to happen. From all the surgeries, I had 70% hearing loss in my right ear and 40% loss in my left.

As I got older I went to chiropractors who found another way by cracking my neck every day to open my ears up just enough to hear better and it helped. But on days where I would have a stiff neck or it just wouldn’t pop it didn’t do me any good and I would have no hearing. When mom would come home she would have to turn the TV off because it was so loud but for me it wasn’t loud enough.

When I was young I saw an evangelist on TV and told mom that one day I, like all those others, would be healed and would hear again. That never happened and I had gotten discouraged about it. I prayed for God to heal me and nothing happened. I am now 22 years old and had been living with this for my whole life and have lost a couple of job opportunities due to this issue.

My mom invited me to Impact Family Church in March. I went and heard about healing not thinking much about it because of my discouragement, and yet something inside kept pressing me to keep listening. After going for a month, mom told me about the miracle service they held the first Sunday of each month. I was kind of skeptical, but I felt God telling me to believe and it shall be given unto you. So on May 2, 2010, when Pastor Anderson called for anyone who needed healing to come forward, I didn’t hesitate.

As I walked up there I could feel something wrap itself around me and I knew something great was about to happen. I stood at the front between two people.  One was on my left, I could see her lips moving, so I knew she was praying, but I could not hear her. Another lady was on my right praying, but I could not hear her either. As Pastor Anderson stood in front of me, he asked what I needed a miracle for and I said my ears. He placed his fingers in my ears and faintly I heard, “I pray him healed in the name of Jesus, receive it”, and I did. When he took his fingers out I heard the others clear as a bell and I thought, “Wow, I’m healed.” When I got home I wanted to “test drive” my new ears and I turned on the TV. Instead of having to listen to it with the volume turned way up, I was able to listen to it at a normal level, and sometimes I now have to turn it down.

God healed me from something that had been a sour note in my life for many years, but now I can say that I was healed just like I wanted as a boy. The next Sunday I was baptized in the Holy Spirit and my ears will never close again because I stepped out in faith and believed for my healing. My life will never be the same. I give God the glory for my healing and praise Him for letting a little boy’s prayer come true.”

– D.G.
Gainesville, FL 




I have been mentally ill all of my life. The doctors diagnosed me with schizoaffective disorder. It caused hallucinations, delusions, paranoia, severe mood swings, sleeplessness, and tended to make me question reality. I’d been hospitalized five times and was temporarily placed in a daytime treatment program to encourage stimulation and self-sufficiency. I was a very sick man. I was so bad off that I couldn’t even attend the program regularly because I took such high doses of sedatives and sleeping pills that I was unresponsive during most of the day. I heard voices, saw visions and frequently had terrible nightmares.


I began attending Impact Family Church in July of 2009. At that point, I was so heavily medicated that I could barely have a conversation. On August 2, 2009, I trusted the Lord for my healing. I went forward and Pastor Anderson laid hands on me. I felt like a ton of bricks had been lifted off my shoulders. My life changed dramatically. Immediately, the voices and visions ceased. I no longer have nightmares.

Over the following months, my doctor was so impressed that he began slowly weaning me off my medications. To date, I’ve been taken off three drugs that I used to take daily. He also reduced the dose of another medicine down to one quarter of what it used to be. Additionally, I had been taking six doses of an anti-psychotic every day, now I take four. My doctor is planning on slowly taking me off all of my medications over the next several years. It’s a slow progress, but I trust the Lord it will be a huge success.

Today, I am free of any symptoms of mental illness. I no longer need to be in a daytime treatment program. I feel great. What the doctors said was hopeless has now been turned into an example of what the Lord can do. I’m planning on going back to work when I’m off of my two anti-psychotic drugs. I give all of the glory, honor and praise to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.”

– S.S.
Ft White, FL


“When I was a teenager, I had my left leg broken on three different occasions as a result of motorcycle accidents.  As a result, my left leg measured 3/4” shorter than my right leg.  In order to keep things “in balance” I routinely had lifts put in all my left shoes for 30 plus years.

I am closing in on 60, and several years ago while attending a small men’s group, God’s healing power touched me and my leg miraculously grew out to the correct adult length.  I had been so accustomed to it being shorter and had not viewed it as an infirmity, unaware that healing was available.

 I am so thankful for the anointed teaching I receive attending Impact Family Church.  God has blessed both my wife and I abundantly.  We now know there is much more to Christianity that just being born again.”

– K.K.
Ft White, FL